Another in the continuing series of what some Hawks players had to say following last week's season-ending loss in the playoffs to the Pacers before they left for the summer.

Here is what Al Horford had to say in his exit interview.

Q. As one of the few returning players, what are your thoughts about next season?

A. It’s intriguing just kind of seeing what is going to happen with everything that is going on here. I’m on board with (GM) Danny (Ferry) and the plans that he has for us here moving forward. He has a better than I certainly do. I’m just going to wait and see. My job is to really get better as a player, get healthy first of all, and keep working on my game and get better

I just know there are going to be things happening. We have a lot of free agents.

Q. What would you like to have next season?

A. I just want to be successful. I’m proud of the way that we handled our season this year. We did well. As free agency gets closer and all that stuff starts happening, I’m going to be open if they want my advice on anything or if they need me to give my opinion I’ll definitely be looking to do that and try to be part of things.

Q. When you talk about getting healthy, will you do that here? What is the plan?

A. I’m thinking about probably spending time here. We have really good trainers and a strength coach and now that they are going to be able to work with me with not as much pressure of a season, I think that is going to be really big for me to spend time getting right.

Q. What has been the most difficult part of the last couple of years? There has been a lot of turnover the last two years and next year there will be a lot more.

A. It’s difficult. We were such a tight group for so many years since I’ve been here. This is what the NBA is about. With professional sports, there is always change. That is something that you need to be able to deal with. For some of the guys who have been here, Josh (Smith), Zaza (Pachulia) and myself, we’ve been really lucky that we haven’t been moved around.