ESPN analyst and former Reds and Nationals GM Jim Bowden joined KESN-FM recently to discuss the Rangers' off-season. Here are some highlights:

On if the Rangers will regret not getting in on the Justin Upton trade:

I think they will regret it. And I was told by a Diamondbacks front office executive this morning that certainly the Rangers knew they could've gotten Upton and had they paid the price, he would've been a Texas Ranger instead of an Atlanta Brave. Now, it all depends on how good is Mike Olt going to be? How good is Cody Buckel going to be? And how good is Martin Perez? I think time will tell. It would've been a steep price to pay, but Atlanta chose to pay it and they've got a 25-year-old superstar who, quite frankly, his best years are ahead of him and he's signed for three years for a reasonable amount. So for me, if I'm Texas… look, they couldn't do anything about Zack Greinke. He wanted to be a Dodger. I understand them walking away from Josh Hamilton. I agree they should not have put Profar in the Shields deal, I agree they should not have put Profar in an Upton deal, but I'm not so sure a package around Mike Olt and Cody Buckel is one that you say no to with a chance to get Upton. So time will tell, but I do think personally that this was a loss for the Rangers.