Nearly four weeks into the NBA’s free-agency period, Charlie Villanueva doesn’t have a landing spot.

It’s a far cry from five seasons ago when he agreed to join the Pistons on the first day of the league’s moratorium.

Villanueva, who turns 30 next month, admits to feeling the uncertainty. But he is taking a novel approach to the situation.

He is starring in his own weekly reality series that takes viewers behind the scenes of his workouts, calls with agent Jeff Schwartz and even an interview with a newspaper reporter. The short webisodes are available at

“It’s been five years with the Pistons and that road has come to an end, but I have a couple things lined up,” Villanueva told the Free Press recently. “One of the things obviously is working out for some teams, but at the same time capturing every moment of free agency and what I’m going through.”