Cleveland Browns.

No. 22 overall selection of the draft, but not the initial player the Browns picked in Round 1.

It all currently applies to Johnny Manziel and used to describe Brady Quinn, Cleveland’s designated savior in 2007, seven years before Johnny Football inherited that hefty mantle.

Quinn never lived up to advance billing and now seems concerned Manziel’s off-field interests will also render him incapable of restoring the downtrodden franchise to glory — and, perhaps, worse, might even tarnish it.

“I think he has all the ability in the world. He’s probably got the best offensive coordinator (Kyle Shanahan) for him to succeed. And he’s got some talent around him especially if (all-pro WR Josh) Gordon ends up not being suspended,” Quinn told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday.

But then he took out the needle while referencing Manziel’s latest viral turn on social media, a short video clip of him talking into a stack of money like it’s a cellphone while sounding less than coherent and uttering an expletive.