Jordan Shipley won two high school state championships setting nearly every Texas receiving record along the way. He became an icon at the University of Texas, including catching two touchdowns in the 2010 BCS National Championship game.

He broke into the NFL and developed an instant fan base in Cincinnati following catching 52 passes for 600 yards and three touchdowns during a 2010 season where he led AFC rookies in receiving yards.

Thousands of Bengals fans owned his No. 11 jersey.

Yet, three years later at the age of 28, he took to Twitter on Jan. 29 to announce his retirement from football.

Stealing the means by which a player gained notoriety and financial health half a decade early and before any true pro potential comes to fruition would leave most in shambles.

Some might never truly recover.

Shipley couldn’t be happier.

He’s moving on from the NFL to join the Outdoor Channel as an occasional host of hunting shows "Bucks of Tecomate" and "Tecomate Whitetail Nation."

You see, the secret about Shipley was outside of the explosiveness in the slot, soft hands and football IQ, he’d almost always rather be buried in a woods, hunting the next big buck or floating in a lake, chasing the 15-pound bass.

Now, he’ll receive that chance.