Despite the flurry of conjecture surmising where Jonathan Papelbon might land after he was granted his release by the Washington Nationals on Aug. 13, it appears all the speculation was much ado about nothing.

WEEI’s Rob Bradford reports the Boston Red Sox won't take a flier on their former closer, it also appears no other major league team is inclined to do so, either. Bradford writes that the chances of Papelbon catching on with any team currently stands as “non-existent.”

Lending credence to the report is how Papelbon would have to sign with a team before midnight Thursday, Aug. 1 to be postseason-eligible. It seems unlikely any contending team would sign Papelbon without at least the option of having him on their playoff roster.

The notion that Papelbon could contribute to a team’s postseason push in September — much less earn himself a slot in the bullpen come October — also remains a long shot at best.