The Tampa Bay Lightning decided to use one of their two cap compliance buyouts on Vincent Lecavalier this past week, starting a free-agent frenzy for the veteran forward who is now easily the best player available on the open market.

He's not the player who compiled 50 goals and 100 points a few seasons back or the player who was the focal point of a Stanley Cup winning team, but he's still an extremely gifted and productive player who's going to help the team that he lands on. He has averaged .83 points per game over the past five full seasons, which puts him in the top 40 among all NHL players.

He probably wasn't a great investment for Tampa Bay at more than $7 million per year anymore, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't be a great fit for somebody at $4 million or $5 million per year.

Even though he's not eligible to sign with a new team until Friday, he can speak with teams before then. And it seems that just about everybody wants him, is rumored to want him, should want him or has already met with him.

On Sunday, he met with the Calgary Flames and Detroit Red Wings, but they're not the only teams that have made the list of potential suitors. And they're certainly not the only teams that have met with him.