Mariners fans wailed when the team released Munenori Kawasaki after last season. They adored the bench-warming infielder’s attitude, heart and hustle on the baseball field; he was a bright light in a Seattle dugout that could, at times, be pretty dark.

He was often seen dancing or doing aerobics in the dugout, even getting catcher Jesus Montero to join him on occasion. More often than not, Kawasaki always had a huge grin on his face. And fans often got a chuckle out of his easy excitability and his propensity to be lovingly goofy while celebrating a victory.

This season, the 31-year-old Japan native is with the Toronto Blue Jays — and he’s a starter at shortstop! Now it’s Jays fans who get to experience and appreciate the joy of Kawasaki.

In fact, some of them are mounting a (tongue-in-cheek?) write-in campaign to get Kawasaki on the A.L. All-Star Team. They’ve formed a group called The Citizens United to Yell “Kawasaki!!!!” Super PAC, which aims to make Kawasaki the Blue Jays’ representative in New York City this July.

“He will bring change to the tired, old baseball-as-usual. He’ll restore our future back the simpler, stronger, and freer American League team we remember as kids,” one Jays fan said in a (fake) Kawasaki Super PAC news release. “I came from Vancouver so I can basically see Japan from my house!”