Even Brandon Bass has joked over the years about a nickname that says just about everything you need to know about his approach to offense.

But the guy they call No Pass Bass has been transformed by his team’s adjusted style of play, like every other Celtic during the post-Rajon Rondo 4-0 run.

Bass tied a career high with four assists during Sunday’s win over the Clippers — a true spike for a player who has a career assist average of 0.6.

“On any given night somebody can have four or five assists — anybody — with the way we are doing things right now,” said Bass. “That’s what we have to do without Rondo. It’s ball movement, nothing special. I definitely didn’t go out there trying to be creative. It’s all about ball movement.

“It’s great just to have a bunch of different guys in a rhythm, because when someone is struggling, someone can pick them up,” he said. “It’s just the way we’re playing. A bunch of guys are going to be in a rhythm, and we want to do that.”

Bass, though, is one of the first to show caution in the moment, during the team’s second-longest win streak of the season.

“We’re doing a bunch of different things defensively that look good right now,” he said. “When you’re winning it looks good, man.”

Meeting of minds

Rondo continues to gather opinions for his eventual right knee surgery.

But according to Danny Ainge, the guard’s thorough approach to making a decision on a doctor — two options are Celtics team physician Dr. Brian McKeon and Dr. James Andrews — may require a bit more time.

Ainge is holding to his original timeframe of 10-14 days from Jan. 27 for Rondo having surgery, and being ready when training camp commences next October.

“I think they are sending film out to other doctors for opinions right now,” Ainge said. “But this doesn’t mean they are dragging anything out.”

Like father, like son