The Lance Stephenson Internet memes are good.

Stephenson's photo edited to be blowing into an old video game cartridge. Stephenson sipping on a milkshake with the cast from Friends. Stephenson blowing down the Miami Heat's house. Stephenson blowing 50 Cent's first pitch way outside. Stephenson blowing bubbles and candles on a birthday cake. Stephenson blowing on soup.

Congratulations, Internet. You win again.

But if you thought the actual incident was funny and entertaining, there's one important man who doesn't.

Asked via text message if he were bothered by Stephenson blowing in James' ear, Pacers president Larry Bird replied, "Yes I am."

Bird knows. He could trash talk in his time, get inside someone's head and then back it up.

"Blowing in his face probably crosses the line," Pacers coach Frank Vogel said Thursday. "That's not really who we are. We want to be a competitive team, but we don't want to cross the line."

What did Stephenson win or even gain by blowing into LeBron James' ear during the fourth quarter of Game 5? Sure, the Pacers won, but at what cost to the Pacers and Stephenson?