Carmelo Anthony has a player option for $23.5 million next season. Only one player -- Kobe Bryant -- made more than $23 million this year, and yet there's a notion out there that an unhappy Anthony will opt out of his contract with the Knicks for greener pastures.

Despite this overwhelming bit of information, Boston talk radio has been buzzing this week with the possibility that Anthony will join Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love (that deal's already done, right?) in Boston and form a new Big Three. In a well-researched post, details the embarrassing level of financial gymnastics it would take for the Celtics to end up with a lineup of Rondo, Love, Anthony, Larry Sanders, and the No. 17 pick with no salary cap room to wiggle with and no bench.

How did this all start, anyway? How does any of this start? In answering a question about Love Monday, Rondo tried to comment on the absurdity of answering speculative questions about another player when he's technically not allowed to do so.

“We could talk about Kevin [Love] all day or we can insert Carmelo [Anthony’s] name in there all day," Rondo told reporters. "Nothing’s happened. We have a couple days left before the draft. Things might shake up around that time. You never know. It’s still a long summer until the beginning of training camp.”

In bringing up Anthony, Rondo was dropping the name of another superstar on par with Love. As innocuous as it may have been, though, the reference has fueled another round of speculation from Celtics fans rabid at any bit of news in this period of limbo. The uncertainty of the offseason has actually led some fans to lend credence to stories like this, in which "The Love deal is pretty much done" and "Melo is the primary target", according to "an insider at" Oh, and Tyson Chandler is coming to Boston, too.