It’s been a long time since Vince Carter has been half-man half-amazing. About a week or so.

Too long for his liking since he last wheeled into the paint a couple of preseason games back and rose up for a dunk making one of “those moves” the kind that NBA fans pay big money to see in person.

It wasn’t vintage Vinsanity. It was only an exhibition game for the Mavericks. It’s not like Carter feels any real need to break out his hang-time specials that make jaws drop at this time of the year. You don’t trot out your silver bullets until the lights are brightest.

But the point is that Carter still can and does boast the high-flying ability that defies gravity and defenders far younger than his 36 years.

“The moves for sure” he said quickly when asked whether he relies on the athleticism or his lethal 3-point shooting more.

That said he understands that he needs both commodities. Knocking down 3-pointers for the Mavericks is a weapon that he and teammates must exploit. The Mavericks’ swingman will bring a 25-game streak into this season in which he’s hit at least one 3-pointer. Not bad for a guy whose raw athleticism made him one of the most feared attackers of the basket during his first decade in the league.

“With this team you get so many open looks with Dirk [Nowitzki]” Carter said.

“You just keep the court spread and I’ve worked very hard on making sure my jump shot is automatic in mind. If I’m shooting it I’m going to make it. And on this team if you’re open they tell you to shoot it. I don’t consider myself just a 3-point shooter though.”

Neither does anybody else with the Mavericks. Yet he’s tossed in 1663 3-pointers in his career including 162 last season in 81 games. But scanning the list of active 3-point shooters it’s remarkable how few of his peers are above him. Ray Allen Jason Terry and Chauncey Billups are among the six players with more triples made in their careers. That’s a who’s who of shooters.