A summer in Southern California was all about this feeling for Tyreke Evans.

Evans felt a lot better Saturday than he did last year early in the Kings' training camp.

Coming off his Rookie of the Year season, Evans took a month off before getting back into prepping. He showed up at training camp not in the best of shape, much to the Kings' chagrin.

After spending much of this summer working out in Southern California, Evans said that won't be a problem this season.

"I feel good," Evans said. "I definitely don't feel like I did last year coming in a little out of shape. My weight is good, and I'm just looking forward to playing."

Conditioning was a concern for every NBA team as training camps opened Friday. During the lockout, teams were prohibited from contacting players, leaving them on their own to improve and maintain their fitness. The Kings held their first practice of training camp Saturday afternoon.

A lack of conditioning throughout the team was a concern last season. Coach Paul Westphal did not know what to expect Saturday.

"(Conditioning is) better than I feared but still with a long way to go," Westphal said.

With the season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers on Dec. 26, there isn't the usual time to work players into shape.

Westphal said the compressed training camp forces him into a teaching and conditioning mode at the same time. Figuring out how to do so isn't easy.