Reggie Evans has carved out a long and productive NBA career without much of an offensive game because of his ferocious rebounding ability.

But after being inserted into the starting lineup earlier this season, Evans went through a stretch where he was struggling at the offensive end, to the point where he sometimes wouldn’t even look to shoot. Then, something happened that changed his approach.

“Just in the past, when people play off me, a lot of times I’d still be looking to be less aggressive on the offensive end,” Evans said after Wednesday’s win in Portland. “I still was trying to pass it.”
But then, something happened that caused Evans to change his mindset at the offensive end of the floor, where it had often seemed the Nets were playing 4-on-5 when he was in the game because of his reluctance to shoot the ball.

“One day, I got kind of frustrated when one of my teammates told the coach to take me out,” Evans said. “I really wanted to say something to him so bad, but I bit my tongue, and I said, ‘Let me just be a little aggressive and make them play us honestly, 5-on-5, instead of not playing me.’”

So far, that strategy has worked quite well for Evans, who had 22 points and 26 rebounds in Wednesday’s win in Portland, and has been a different player in March. Playing just under 28 minutes per game, Evans is averaging 7.3 points per game while shooting 50 percent from the field to go along with 15.5 rebounds per game in 13 games this month.