Evander Kane is currently facing a civil suit stemming from an incident that occurred in his hometown Vancouver last last summer. According to Vancouver resident Les Makievsky, an employee at a downtown Vancouver nightclub, Kane assaulted him, causing a concussion, along with injuries to the head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, ribs, left leg and heel.

Makievsky claims to now suffer from permanent physical disability, loss of enjoyment of life, and, well, suffering. He's suing for is seeking unspecified damages as well as compensation for past and future health-care costs and legal costs.

But Kane's side of the story has finally come out in his statement of defence.

According to Kane, however, the Jets' winger was walking home around 2 a.m. when Makievsky came after him, highly confrontational and shouting insults. When Kane attempted to just walk away, Makievsky shouted "Let's go", then charged at Kane, swinging for his head. This went about as well for Makievsky as you'd expect it to go. We'll let the Winnipeg Free Press take it from here:

"To prevent the plaintiff from hitting him and to repel a further attack, the defendant responded by punching the plaintiff three times," says the statement of defence.

Kane says Makievsky fell to the ground, but quickly got up and took another shot in his direction. Kane says he "pushed him back and told him to stop," then left the area with no further incident.