Today's a Free Agency themed day across the network -- specifically, team blogs are evaluating how their summer signings are performing thus far.

The Hornets of course made two relatively large additions via free agency -- no offense meant to Brian Roberts or Roger Mason Jr. -- in Ryan Anderson and Robin Lopez. So today, a quick glance at how the duo has done.

Ryan Anderson

The most common knock on Anderson was that he wouldn't be able to get it done without Dwight Howard or, indeed, with defenses focused in on him as a primary option. The first few months of the season have both supported and opposed that notion.

When Eric Gordon and Anthony Davis were sidelined, Anderson showed that despite his size and a great stepback jumper, his dribbling limits him from being a true creative first option. And that's not too much of a surprise, given it's not a role he'd been asked to play in Orlando or, before that, at California.