The Detroit Tigers already have one of baseball's best rotations.

But's Jim Bowden has an idea that may solidify it as No. 1, and also help shore up the Tigers' bullpen needs.

In his annual "blockbuster trades I'd like to see" piece, Bowden suggests Detroit trades starter Rick Porcello, outfielder Avisail Garcia and prospect Jake Thompson to the Chicago Cubs for starter Matt Garza and closer Kevin Gregg.

"The Tigers would have the best rotation in the league by far," Bowden writes. "(Gregg) would be an upgrade for the Tigers, whose biggest weakness is relief pitching. Above all else, the Tigers don’t have to give up top prospect Nick Castellanos."

Garza has not allowed more than one earned run in his last five starts and has a ERA of 3.22, which is bloated some by one bad outing June 11 (nine earned runs).

"Garza is back, both in health and trade value. He has been wowing scouts over his past four starts. His fastball velocity has returned; his slider and curveball have the same break, and his command and control have been spot-on," Bowden writes.

Garza is owed $4.8 million for the rest of 2013 and will be a free agent at the end of the season. He's 29 years old and has a career ERA of 3.80.