We don’t want to pretend to play doctor, but this is a little scary.

It was presumed that Phoenix Suns combo guard Eric Bledsoe was suffering from a torn meniscus when the Suns announced he would undergo exploratory surgery last week. It’s the same malady that knocked Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose out for the 2013-14 season, and the same one that has forced Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook to line up for three surgeries in a seven month span in the wake of his tear.

There are two ways to repair the meniscus, in a basketball player’s case. One is to shoot for a quick recovery and simply remove the torn part. The other is to call it quits for four months or so, and attempt to repair the meniscus – this being the path that both Rose and Westbrook chose. It’s also the same path that Bledsoe chose in 2011, when he tore the same right meniscus, and missed four months of playing time while a member of the Los Angeles Clippers.

It appears as if Bledsoe chose the quicker route with this weekend’s surgery, which is somewhat frightening. From the Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro:

It was his second surgery in 27 months to address a meniscus tear in his right knee, which had been repaired in October 2011 and sidelined him for almost four months. Bledsoe is expected to return this season, perhaps sometime after the mid-February All-Star break, and that speedier timetable means that a piece of the same meniscus was removed rather than a repeat repair that would sideline him for months.

This weekend, Bledsoe is starting a recovery and rehabilitation program, which the Suns state gives him the potential to return in the season’s second half. He will be a restricted free agent in July, when the Suns can keep him by matching any offer sheet he receives.