It doesn’t matter anymore.

It doesn’t matter how many interceptions Eli Manning throws or how many sacks given up by his makeshift offensive line. Coach Tom Coughlin’s age doesn’t matter nor does Jason Pierre-Paul’s rust how stuck in the mud David Wilson’s fast feet are or why Steve Weatherford’s punts suddenly have gone awry.

Doesn’t matter that the Giants got out of a deep hole six years ago and went on to great things or that they are a crisp upbeat outfit on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. The how-many-days-till-the-Super-Bowl calendar in the locker room doesn’t matter nor do Antrel Rolle’s exhortations or Justin Tuck’s reassurances.

They can’t summon Mariano Rivera out of the bullpen. The only way for the 0-3 Giants to save their 2013 season Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium is to figure out a way to exit with one more point than the Chiefs who happen to be undefeated. Whether Manning has to channel crazy-legged father Archie and run for the winning touchdown or Hakeem Nicks has to throw the ball to himself or one of defensive coordinator Perry Fewell’s “bigger butts’’ linemen has to scoop up a fumble and rumble for a score.

For the Giants winning is what matters nothing else as a winless September virtually is going to assure a depressing October a restless November an irrelevant December and another non-playoff January.