Even if you subscribe to Roger Waters' declaration that we in fact don't need no education (and that you actually have to eat your meat before you can to eat your pudding) don't expect Darius Slay to follow along.

That's because the Lions rookie cornerback won't let his 6-year-old son Duron watch his NFL debut on Friday live from Detroit. Instead Slay made his son go to his first-grade class at his home in Georgia.

“He can't be missing school like that even to see me play” Slay said via the Detroit Free Press. “Got to get an education first. Education's first.”

That approach is pretty tough to argue no? Even if um Slay doesn't know the difference between Lambeau Field and a certain type of luxury car.

“My mom emphasized with me growing up school came first” Slay said. “If I didn't get my grades I couldn't play ball so I was just thinking for him to watch he's got to get the schoolwork first. In order to get where I'm at he's got to go to school.”

Here's hoping Duron saved his money so he can plunk down the $20 he'll need to order the NFL's preseason package. Come to think of it Duron is also learning about economics and how to spend his money wisely.