Luke Gazdic does his homework heading into games.

The Edmonton Oilers winger, who doubles as team enforcer, was aware of the possible opponents he could square off with against the Buffalo Sabres on Monday.

The Sabres have plenty of muscle on their roster, and with Buffalo’s season spiraling down the drain, Gazdic went into the contest with his head on a swivel.

He particularly had his eye on Sabres six-foot-six, 259-pound winger John Scott.

“I analyze other guys in the league,” Gazdic said, prior to the contest. “So if I come against a guy like that, I know what I have to do. He’s just so big and strong, he just wants to hold me out there. For a guy like that, I try to get him moving, I try to get him off-balance. The problem with big guys is they’re not very good on their feet, so I try to get them off their centre of gravity.”

Gazdic has had 11 fighting majors this season. He ended up having a quiet night against the Sabres.

On Monday, Gazdic got the better of Boston Bruins winger Shawn Thornton, popping him with a quick right that landed on the button. The punch dropped Thornton and cut him above the lip. He held on for dear life after that, to the extent that Gazdic’s jersey was torn at the back and had to be replaced.

“He must have bear claws, I don’t know,” Gazdic said. “I didn’t even know until I got to the box and I had go get another one, because you’re not allowed to sit in the box with no jersey on. But they had another jersey for me.”