As of some time ago, the voting results are in, and the BBWAA has once again not officially recognized Edgar Martinez as having been awesome. Nobody, this time around, was officially recognized as having been awesome, even though several of the players on the ballot were unquestionably awesome when they played. At least, I think they were unquestionably awesome, but by the BBWAA standard, that isn't true, for any of them. Some of them are considered to have been more awesome than others; none of them have been considered to have been actually awesome, on their own. I don't know what to think. Was Barry Bonds awesome? I was pretty sure he was awesome. But when I was younger I was pretty sure Korn was awesome so maybe I should leave this up to the writers. Maybe I should leave all my opinions up to the writers.

Nobody got voted into the Hall of Fame this year, is what I'm saying. Not Craig Biggio or Jeff Bagwell, which is almost shameful. Not Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens, which is statistically shameful, but admittedly complex. Not Jack Morris, which means another year of Jack Morris debates. And not Edgar Martinez, who was never going to get in in 2013, not after receiving 36.5-percent support a year ago. People don't just double their support year to year, especially given this year's impossible ballot. Hell, even if Edgar had miraculously doubled his support, he still would've fallen barely short of the awesome threshold.