Although the immediate response from the cap-conscious and pro-GQ crowd may be that $6,000,000.00 is more than Glover Quin got per year in Detroit, the number of years in any Reed deal could be the key to why the Texans are pursuing Reed (by private jet, no less).

Ed Reed on a two year deal at $6 mil per year may strike the Texans as far more appealing than Glover Quin on a five year deal at $5 mil per year. Brian Cushing is due for an extension, and J.J. Watt's next contract could very well make him the highest paid defensive player in the league. Even when pursuing a short-term gain, Rick Smith has to keep an eye on the long-term welfare of the team. Quin may have been deemed expendable not because of any shortcomings on his part, but by the need to maintain cap flexibility to ensure some of his teammates stay in Houston.