They range in age from 18 to over 70. College students. Husbands. Wives. Grandmas.

They're decked out in Indiana Pacers' blue-and-gold attire in sections 101 and 102 for each home game at Conseco Fieldhouse.

They are center Roy Hibbert's biggest fans, and their objective is to get under the opponent's skin.

They're known as Area 55.

"The ultimate goal is for all 55 of us to be as loud and crazy as we can and hopefully it can catch on to some of the fans around us and eventually the whole arena," said a fan who identified himself as El Pacero.

Hibbert, who feeds off the energy of the crowd, held auditions around the Indianapolis area last summer in search of the loudest and craziest fans.

Hundreds showed up, but only 55, Hibbert's jersey number, were selected. Hibbert purchased the season tickets for the lucky fans.

"People in the organization said I have the personality that fits well with what they're doing," Hibbert said. "I think it has turned out well this season, and hopefully next year they can be even louder."

Milwaukee center Andrew Bogut, a nemesis of Hibbert on the court, has a similar group of fans at the Bradley Center. Bogut's crew is made up of mainly young people.

Hibbert wanted diversity in Area 55.

There's Kyle Brumback, a 30-something father who named his daughter "Pacey" after the Pacers and his son "Austin" after former Pacer Austin Croshere.

"We're really an eclectic group," El Pacero, 36, said.