Logic decrees the vital judgments facing the Knicks by Friday regarding Chauncey Billups' 2011-12 salary option and whether to keep Mike D'Antoni on retainer for the final guaranteed year of his contract are Donnie Walsh's to make, if not entirely alone.

If not, should the team president, whose bequeathed-by-James Dolan-autonomy upon arrival in New York three years ago was long since exposed as a crying sham, is told in the next few days he does not have the right to execute these verdicts, then that summarily settles his undecided situation.

That would be an unequivocal vote of no-confidence. Meaning Walsh could not possibly accept remaining with the Knicks even should Dolan choose to pick up next season's $5 million option, which wouldn't make sense in light of such overt non-support.

This is pure speculation, but considering what's gone down over the last year -- pertaining to Walsh being pressured to hire Isiah Thomas as general manager and Dolan's hostile takeover of the Carmelo Anthony trade negotiations -- if Donnie doesn't like what he hears from his boss at their scheduled meeting he'll return to Indianapolis come July; take a year off with his wife and dogs to see if retirement agrees with him.

Whether or not it's Walsh's decision, his exodus would be an ominous loss to a franchise not moving backwards for the first time since Dolan dumped Dave Checketts and began planting his DNA all over the Garden.