It wasn’t the pain that left Jeremy Maclin writhing in agony on the ground when he tore his ACL during the Eagles’ practice Saturday.

Rather Maclin said he knew he was done for the season as soon as he planted his right leg and it buckled underneath him as he started going out on a pass pattern.

“I was devastated” Maclin said. “It wasn’t the fact that it hurt. It was the fact that I knew what happened. So I was emotional just knowing everything that was at stake. This is what I love to do. I love to play football.”

Maclin said he’ll have surgery next Tuesday which will be performed by noted orthopaedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. He’ll start rehabbing soon afterwards.

It’s the second time Maclin tore the ACL in his right knee doing so in July 2006 before his freshman season at Missouri.

Maclin returned for spring practice and played in the 2007 season.

Maclin hopes for a similar recovery saying that he takes comfort from knowing that his best friend Danario Alexander had four knee surgeries and was one of the San Diego Chargers’ leading receivers last season.

“Everybody in the NFL understands what we go through on a day-to-day basis” Maclin said. “They know that at any given time everything you worked hard for can be taken away from you. They feel the pain. They understand when we go out there and play this game we’re putting our bodies on the line.

“I have all the faith that I’ll be back even stronger than I was before.”

The Eagles meanwhile will hope to move on without their leading receiver from last season.