Logic says the Eagles went about as far as they possibly could have in Chip Kelly's first season, that they need more players, more time to grow together, more big-game experience before they can triumph in situations like their 26-24 Saturday night wild-card round loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Eyes and hearts, though, tell us that deficiencies be damned, the Birds probably would be headed to Carolina this weekend if they had covered the final kickoff decently, or if their most sure-handed receiver hadn't committed an egregious drop, or if their kicker had been as good as the guy the other team picked up off the street a few weeks back.

And all that makes perspective difficult.

Rewatching the game yesterday, it seemed obvious to me that defensive coordinator Bill Davis needed to commit more people to stopping the run, way sooner. Davis set up his game plan to avoid getting beaten by Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham, and sure enough, he wasn't. But Brees showed in the first half that much like Alex Henery, he couldn't drive the ball deep in the 25-degree cold. At halftime, at least, Davis needed to bow up against the run, bring the linebackers closer to the line, commit a safety. It's way less galling to lose to Brees and Graham than to lose because you couldn't tackle Khiry Robinson.