The Eagles lead the NFL not only in touchdowns but in group celebrations.

Is there some correlation? Have they scored more touchdowns because they have an unselfish group of players, or are they willing to share the spotlight because they have a better record than any other team?

Rarely do such cause-and-effect questions provide answers. And in the case of sports teams, the roots of success are often talent, execution, and coaching. But there also ancillary reasons for winning, and in the case of the Eagles’ 9-1 start, one of the most cited by coaches and players is the team’s collective unselfishness.

The Eagles have the NFL’s third-ranked offense and yet they’ve had only one player eclipse 100 yards rushing or receiving in a game. They have a top-eight defense in 11 major categories and not a single defender in the top eight in tackles, sacks, or interceptions.

“Everybody has a big part of this thing,” Eagles coach Doug Pederson said Wednesday. “It’s the way they practice during the week and prepare. They are very disciplined that way. That’s why I think you’re seeing the success of the team.

“Can winning mask some of the blemishes? Yeah, it can, but these guys don’t let that sort of creep into their mind-set.”

Losing can often have the opposite result. The imperfections – both on the field and off — become more pronounced. You can bet there are selfish players on the Eagles. But when the majority aren’t and everything is clicking, who would dare step out of that conga line?