Just when the most bizarre offseason story (not involving murder or dogfighting) in recent memory seems that it can’t get any more bizarre it does.

In response to a report that Eagles receiver Riley Cooper knew about the video that emerged on Wednesday before it emerged the Eagles have issued a statement acknowledging that Cooper was aware of something regarding the video.

“Riley Cooper made us aware of the tweets when the video became public” the team said in a statement. “He told us that he did not know about the video. He informed us he blocked the tweets because he did not know the person nor understand the context of what that person was threatening. We promptly alerted NFL Security. This information potentially speaks to a legal issue that is a matter between Riley and the authorities. Our focus has been on Riley’s words and actions.”

If you’re confused you’ve got company. Cooper sensed that there was something unusual with the tweets that apparently made not-so-cryptic references to what he had said at a Kenny Chesney concert on June 9. Otherwise he wouldn’t have blocked the users sending him the messages. (For those not conversant in Twitter “tweets” aren’t blocked. Users are blocked preventing them from following or posting messages directed to the user who has blocked them.)