Ifeanyi Momah had just wrapped up his first workout as an Eagles wide receiver and headed for the locker room when the most recognizable pair of hands in team history reached out and yanked him into an office.

There, staring across from the freakishly towering 6-foot-7 wideout, stood Harold Carmichael, the only person in the NovaCare Complex capable of seeing eye-to-eye with Momah.

Carmichael, who towers around 6-foot-8, has presided over alumni relations and player development for the Eagles for the past 14 years. His office is the first players pass en route to the clubhouse.

He also holds the title of best receiver in team history. Carmichael ranked sixth all-time in the NFL for receptions when his career ended in 1984. For obvious reasons - the height and legacy - Momah had heard of him.

“I always knew about him, but I didn’t know he was physically here,” Momah said. “First day I got here, he grabbed me and was telling me all about the things that I could work on after my workout. So that was very exciting. That’s when I realized this is a very, very good connection to have.”

In watching Momah, Carmichael caught a flashback of when he first arrived in Philadelphia in 1971. He was 22 and fresh off being drafted 161st overall in the seventh round out of obscure Southern University (La.).