When it comes to any coach in the NFL, you have to judge him not by what he says, but what he does.

Chip Kelly has talked at length about how he will coach this team based off of the personnel and will not try to force a scheme on this team that won't work. It is that mentality that leave many to believe Nick Foles will be given a chance at quarterback. He has already shown he is willing to adjust to the NFL game by bringing in Pat Shurmur, a more traditional offensive minded coach.

Which is why the rumor that the Eagles may move to a 3-4 defensive alignment is a curious one.

The success of a 3-4 in the NFL can be debated. As with any scheme, the players running it are just as- if not more- important than the scheme itself. But at the very least, it is safe to say that you can have a successful defense in any alignment. The 3-4 defense definitely allows for a faster defense, which in today's NFL, might be an advantage, but it is not required to have a successful defense.