Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams couldn’t believe it when general manager Billy King told Williams that the GM was trying to acquire both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics.

“I knew we were gonna try to get Paul -- I thought that was done -- and then Billy called me and was like I’m trying to get KG too” Williams said.

“And I’m like There’s no way you can do that. So I was like shut up. I was like there’s no way you can get both of them and he did it.”

Williams hopes the additions of Garnett and Pierce will raise his assist-per-game numbers. D-Will averaged just 7.7 dimes per contest last season.

First-year coach Jason Kidd wants Williams to average double-digit assists this season and D-Will said Kidd’s offense incorporates a couple of different systems.

“Last year it was just hard for me to get assists” Williams said. “But they don’t have to even tell me. It should be easier this year with the guys we have -- a lot of shooters. Last year we ran a lot of isolations.”

Williams hopes to run a little more than people think and get points in transition. As a result it’ll open things up for the Nets offensively and Williams will be able to get passes off to open shooters after dribble-drive penetration into the paint.