In the latest round of "someone not named Dwight Howard talking about where the center will sign as a free agent", Dwight's father has weighed in on his belief that Howard will remain with the Los Angeles Lakers going forward, and talked about how Dwight's time with the Lakers has been a slice of "humble pie". Dwight Howard is an Atlanta native, and his father, Dwight Howard Sr., spoke to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about his son.

What happens after the season? Howard’s father still thinks the center will re-sign with the Lakers. When asked about Brooklyn, he said, "Oh, I doubt it. That would surprise me." - Jeff Schultz, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Howard Sr. also believes that his son's season with the Lakers has "worn" on him

"L.A. has been like humble pie for him," he said. "When you go from being the man in one city (Orlando) to second or third tier, it takes a toll on you mentally." - Jeff Schultz, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Another small tidbit to pull from this interview is Howard Sr. claiming that Dwight hasn't said anything in regards to signing with the Atlanta Hawks, who will have cap space in the summer to make a run at the center, but that "he likes home".