Dwight Howard and James Harden's leadership skills just continue to come under fire.

Typically, you'd expect the two stars on a team to involve the rest of the roster. You'd want them to take the young players—and the experienced veterans who are fulfilling specific roles—under their wings and help them grow, both as players and as people.

But such isn't the case for the Houston Rockets. As CBS Sports' Matt Hammond rightfully explains, "It's worth noting, this is just one player's opinion, from just one player's vantage point."

However, what Donatas Motiejunas has to say isn't exactly a positive in a summer filled with foot-in-mouth statements by the bearded shooting guard and his superstar teammate.

Unfortunately, this is only the latest blow to the dynamic duo's credibility as leaders. Some context is necessary, as D-Mo was a trade candidate earlier this season and isn't guaranteed an uptick in playing time going forward, but the words are still right in line with everything else we've heard this summer.

Earlier this offseason, Grantland's Zach Lowe had a decidedly negative take on the culture in Houston. Chris Bosh, he speculated, might have turned down the contract Houston offered him not only because he wanted to remain with the Miami Heat, but also because Harden and Howard would've been his teammates.