When it became clear that the marriage between the Denver Broncos and Elvis Dumervil was kaput, Dwight Freeney seemed like a logical replacement.

After all, former teammate Peyton Manning didn't waste any time recruiting the outside linebacker after he was released by the Indianapolis Colts last month. When Freeney came to Denver for a visit last week, everything seemed to be in place.

Not quite.

NFL Network's Michelle Beisner reported Tuesday that the Broncos have indeed made a hard push for Freeney, and still are attempting to get a deal done. But a source with knowledge of the situation tells Beisner that Freeney wants things on his terms.

Freeney is looking for an annual salary of $6 million. He's also in no rush to get a deal done. Beisner was told it wouldn't be surprising if a deal wasn't completed until training camp or after.