Here’s a brief list of some of Kevin Durant’s defensive assignments during the Thunder’s recent six-game homestand:

•Blake Griffin, the Clippers’ hyper-athletic nightmare of a power forward.

•LeBron James, the Heat’s do-everything small forward.

•Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers’ lightning quick 6-foot point guard.

•And Marc Gasol, the Grizzlies’ behemoth 7-foot bruising center.

That’s four superstars with four completely different skill sets, styles and positions. And Thunder coach Scott Brooks felt comfortable enough, at some point in each game, to let Durant have a crack at them one-on-one.

“No,” Brooks said, when asked if there was anyone in the NBA he wouldn’t feel comfortable with Durant guarding. “There’s some bigs, some centers, where he might need a little help. But his length...Kevin, he can guard 1-through-5 on certain possessions.”

The success rate varies. Durant played Irving and Griffin decent in brief stretches, he forced Gasol into a big miss down the stretch and he got lit up by James in one of OKC’s worst performances of the season.

But the simple fact that Durant is trusted enough to guard all four – and anyone else – puts him in rarefied company.

James is well known for that capability, and Paul George can likely be clumped into that category. But beyond that? You’d be hard-pressed to find another 1-through-5 type player.