Adam Dunn has seen his best White Sox pal Jake Peavy traded to Boston. He has watched veteran relievers Jesse Crain and Matt Thornton get dealt too.

Dunn said his feelings won’t get hurt if he goes too. But if he were the general manager he’d keep himself around. Dunn doesn’t think the Sox who beat the New York Yankees 3-2 Tuesday night for their second straight win are that far away from being good again no matter what the record says.

“If we keep the same core group there is no way we can be this bad with our pitching’’ Dunn said. “Offensively we have guys who can play. We just couldn’t get the big hit. And defensively I don’t think that’s going to happen again.’’

The trade deadline has passed and Dunn is still part of the core. He never was much of a target before the deadline but as his average and production continues to climb — as it has since early June — the possibility of going to another team in a waiver deal increases. The Texas Rangers need a bat and other contending teams could benefit from the left-handed slugger’s presence. If those teams are willing to assume at least a sizable chunk of the approximate $19 million left on his salary including the $15 million owed him on the last year of his four-year deal he could be sent away.

Dunn’s name has popped up here and there on the rumor circuit.

“I figured’’ he said.

As always it depends on what GM Rick Hahn can get in exchange and whether he’s able to tiptoe through the complicated waiver process.

Dunn believes this season is something of a fluke and that the Sox can win if the core returns with a couple of additions.

“Unless it’s a complete youth movement I would like to be here next year 100 percent’’ Dunn said. “I think I would love a youth movement but I definitely don’t want to be here where it’s doing this [losing] again. I can’t take it … and I don’t think anybody can. I don’t think Rick will take that. I don’t think Jerry [Reinsdorf] will take that.’’

If Hahn sacrifices 2014 for 2015 and ’16 “then obviously I’m not here’’ Dunn said. “I get that. If it’s a complete youth movement I won’t be here. It won’t hurt my feelings.’’