It happened in the playoffs last year against the Predators, and the Ducks say they intend to do it to the Red Wings, again: Keep their offense outside, away from the goalie.

"Obviously, in Game 2 it didn't work and in Games 1 and 3 it worked better," coach Bruce Boudreau said.

"We all wish we were way more consistent at doing that job because then our defensive effort would be even better."

Mike Babcock said the Wings failed to attack the net in Game 3, to make things tougher for goalie Jonas Hiller. But Babcock credited the Ducks, too, with doing their part "keeping us outside."

Without talking about the x's and o's, Boudreau said it is a top priority, on defense.

"I don't think that's a secret," he said.

Lydman questionable

The Ducks expect to return the veteran hard shooter Sheldon Souray to the blue line, replacing the injured Toni Lydman .

Lydman was hit Saturday by Justin Abdelkader , who received major and match penalties and was suspended Sunday by the NHL.

"Toni has headaches and he's got a stiff neck and, you know, bright lights are bugging him," Boudreau said.

"So, if we go day by day, tomorrow (Monday) is very questionable for him. If he is out, Sheldon would be in."