Anaheim Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau still warns his players about Pavel Datsyuk, even though everyone knows just how shifty he is.

The Detroit Red Wings play the Ducks tonight at Honda Center (10 p.m., FSD, NHLN) in the first of two consecutive games. The Ducks have been wildly successful this season -- they've lost at home just once, and are 22-3-4 overall -- but that doesn't mean Boudreau wouldn't love to have Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg in his lineup, too.

"I'd like to have them on my team," Boudreau said Friday morning. "They're great players. They're not big. They're tireless workers. They do all the little things right. They play both ends of the rink, and there's not many superstars in the world that play both ends of the rink every single game, and those two guys do.

"That's why they've been part of Cup teams and championship teams for so long. And they do it by not getting 120 points every year. They do it just by everybody knows they're great. And when they need the goal, they need the goals. They're really good players."

Asked if he still warns his players to keep an eye on Datsyuk, one of the NHL's top take-away artists, Boudreau laughed.

"I don't, but I do," he said. "It's just like telling your kids -- you know they know they have to be in by a certain time, but you still tell them what time they have to be in."