While Anaheim is where Bobby Ryan calls home during the hockey season, Victor, Idaho is where Ryan makes his offseason home.

His magnificent 6,500-square foot, 5-bedroom home sits on the 15th hole of a golf course with the breathtaking Grand Teton Mountains as the backdrop.

"The views here are just spectacular," Ryan said. "For a guy who likes to play golf as much as I do, it's the ideal place to lay low in the offseason and take my mind off playing hockey.

"This place is like my sanctuary."

With everything from flyfishing to mountain biking, Idaho provides the perfect lifestyle change that allows him to recharge his batteries after long and grueling season. When the day winds down it's time to hit his favorite room in the house, simply known as "the cellar."

An avid wine collector, the wine cellar holds in excess of 1,000 bottles that Ryan has no problem keeping well stocked.

His passion for wine started about five years ago when former teammate and current Ducks director of player development, Todd Marchant, took Ryan out for a steak dinner and suggested that his steak would go perfect with a glass of red wine — and there has been no looking back.

Collecting wine has become a hobby for Ryan and he has even taken classes to further educate himself on everything from being able to detect the type of wine to which ones are best paired with different types of food.

His collection of bottles range in price from moderate to very expensive, highlighted by a 1987 Chateau Lafite Rothschild ($3,400) that he received as a gift following the Vancouver Olympics under the stipulation that he can't open the bottle until he gets married.

One bottle he wished he never uncorked was a $2,500 Amarone bottle that he received as gift for being nominated for the Rookie of the Year back in 2009.