Wow, it's the regular season and the Sharks are 5-0. Why anyone should be surprised by this, I don't know.

This is the Sharks we're talking about. You know, overachieve during the regular season only to die a miserable death during the play-offs. Somewhere in there you throw in a meltdown of Patrick Marleau's offensive prowess with discussions of how long Todd McLellan has left before he gets the axe, and BOOM, you have the San Jose Sharks typical regular season.

Around two-ish seasons ago, I would have considered San Jose the Ducks biggest division rival. The games used to be tense. I went to one game where it was nearly silent in Honda Center (with a large contingent of San Jose fans in the house) until one of the teams scored a goal. Luckily it was Anaheim and the place exploded like we'd just won the Stanley Cup again; not that Sharks fans can relate.

The games aren't nearly as intense anymore. The previous season, the Ducks were 5-1-0 against San Jose. During one of those games in San Jose, an actual dead duck was strapped to someone until late in the game when the carcass was tossed on to the ice. It still remains one of the weirdest moments in Ducks history. The question still remains, why the hell did this person wait until late in the game to toss the duck? Walking around with a dead animal hidden somewhere on my person isn't exactly my idea of a great night at the hockey rink; yet, once again, this is San Jose we're talking about. Nothing should surprise me anymore.