Even Phil Jackson has realized that his baby — the triangle — is outdated.

After years of pushing back at critics who claimed his system is difficult to learn, Jackson acknowledged on a podcast with Shaquille O’Neal that modern players are neither equipped for the triangle nor as eager to play in its slower, surveying style.

“The triangle is a different story,” he said. “How do you teach a system that requires so many fundamental skills to players that really haven’t been taught some of that basic stuff with footwork and passing and all those rudiment type of skills that are learned, that have been, that have changed over a few years? It’s a different game.”

Under coach Jeff Hornacek, the Knicks are planning to use the triangle as their halfcourt option if they can’t get a quick bucket in transition. In the opening preseason game against Houston last week — a 26-point loss — New York started running more triangle sets and appeared to scrap them in the second half.