After a grueling game against the New Orleans Hornets, David Lee's ankle hurting, Stephen Curry's ankle still gimpy, and Chris Paul's Clippers coming to town, things didn't seem to be on the rise. Especially given their recent struggles—five loss in past eight games—against top-notch competition.

So leave it to Mark Jackson and the resilient Golden State Warriors to not only compete, but to come back from a late deficit to win the game. Win. Not steal, like they did against teams earlier in the season when they hung around until the end. The Dubs stayed in the game, took the lead, lost it, then turned it up a notch and left the Clippers shaking their heads in the rear-view mirror. When Draymond Green and Richard Jefferson are doing things, good basketball things, that's either pure luck or mental toughness. With this team, it's most likely the latter.

The Warriors starting five played just well enough for three-and-a-half quarters while the bench outplayed the vaunted Clippers' bench in the first half. Granted, Chris Paul was limping around at the end of the game but it wasn't like Curry and Lee were playing at 100 percent, either. The resiliency to come back after a Clipper 12-0 flourish to end the third quarter was not only impressive, but perhaps the starting point to another statement run before the All-Star Break and Bogut return.