Team USA’s first exhibition game tonight against Brazil is a big moment for Andre Drummond and he admitted Friday that he’ll enter the game with a sense of the import hanging over him. But it won’t be his last moment.

With the horrific leg injury that will cost Paul George his season, followed by Kevin Durant’s withdrawal from competition and finally an injury scare during Thursday’s practice to DeMarcus Cousins – he’s fine, but won’t play vs. Brazil – Mike Krzyzewski is proceeding with caution in paring his roster past its current 16.

“Everybody here will go through New York (where Team USA plays the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico next week), at least,” Krzyzewski said after Friday’s practice here. “We don’t have to turn our 12 (in) until the day before we start playing in Spain. We’ve got to be careful because we’ve had guys injured and before you let anyone go, you’ve got to be as sure as you can.”

With Cousins out vs. Brazil, more minutes will be available for Drummond and the player against whom he might well be competing for a roster spot, Mason Plumlee of Brooklyn. Though Drummond has two NBA seasons to Plumlee’s one, it must be remembered that Plumlee is nearly 3½ years older than Drummond, who turned 21 this week.

Krzyzewski said last week that Drummond will be a big part of USA Basketball’s future, but he might not be a part of its present given some of his comments about Cousins and Plumlee of late. He talked on Friday about the familiarity that Kyrie Irving and Plumlee have with his system, having played for him at Duke. And it seems like Cousins is all but set for one of the 12 roster spots.