Just a quick blog before I head over to Hawks shootaround in preparation for tonight’s game against the Suns.
The Hawks are 33-23, the first time they’ve been 10 games over .500 since the 20-10 start of the season. They have won four straight, including three on this current six-game road trip. It’s the longest win streak since they won four in a row in December.
The Hawks had a brief practice in Phoenix Thursday. I was working on some advance stories but I did speak with head coach Larry Drew. I asked him to compare how the team is playing now compared to that early season start. He said there is a difference.
“What I’m seeing now, I’m seeing the guys itching to get back on the court,” Drew said. “They can’t wait for the next game because this certainly feels good – winning on the road and with some of these wins how we’ve done it. I sense from our guys a level of confidence.
“I told them before we left, the road was going to do one of two things – bring us together closer or it was going to pull it apart if we experience any adversity. What it has done is brought us closer. I sense it just from our conversations before we go out on the floor, in our huddles during timeouts, the way they are communicating on the floor, the way they are sharing the ball. I’m sensing there is a high level of confidence in this team. Early in the season we were playing with confidence but (now) I’m sensing something different. They are itching to get back on the court because they are having fun playing, defending, moving the basketball.”
Return later and I will post a game thread blog in advance of tonight’s game.
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