New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is one of the latest to file suit against former Saint Kevin Houser, who sold him bogus tax credits, the Associated Press reported. Brees' suit, filed in federal court Monday according to the AP, contended Houser, a securities broker, allegedly advised him to invest $160,000 into nonexistent credits.

Houser allegedly advised almost dozen former and current Saints, including Archie Manning, to invest about $2 million into nonexistent tax credits for what was supported to be a film studio project in Elmwood. Saints coach Sean Payton, former defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs and former players Jeremy Shockey and Charles Grant have all sued Houser.

The suits have contended Houser, a Saints longer snapper from 2000-08, convinced the plantiffs to buy state tax credits for Louisiana Film Studios, which never actually applied for them.

Brees suit contends that Houser failed to disclose his own financial interests into the investments he was promoting.

Although several of the suits, including Payton's, were filed in 2000, Brees wanted to wait and see if they could settle the case out of court, his lawyer Daniel Becnel Jr. told the AP.

"We gave them an opportunity to settle," Becnel told the AP. "We didn't want to file suit. We've been trying to negotiate with them."

Shockey and Gibbs both reached seperate settlements on Monday, the terms of which have not been disclosed. Payton reached a settlement last month, while Grant's claims is expected to go to trial this month.