Last offseason, the New England Patriots re-structured the contract of star quarterback Tom Brady. The move dropped Brady's base salary to a neglible amount, and the team spread the rest of the money out via the remaining years as a signing bonus. The move gave the Patriots immediate cap relief, but could prove to be restricting the next two years, as Brady will carry cap figues of approximately $22 million each season. The Saints, facing a tight cap, are reportedly considering a similar approach this offseason with quarterback Drew Brees:

As the Saints try to squeeze key veteran players in the hopes of creating cap space, it seems inevitable that they’ll do some money shuffling with quarterback Drew Brees.

Via a so-called “simple” restructuring, Brees could have millions of 2013 base salary converted to a guaranteed payment that would drop his cap number significantly.

For example, $8.8 million of his $9.75 million base salary for 2013 could be shifted to a guaranteed payment, reducing his base salary for this year to the 10-plus-year veteran minimum of $940,000. Then, the $8.8 million would be spread over the remaining four years of his deal, dropping the cap number in 2013 by $6.6 million.