The official trailer for "Draft Day" has been released. The movie, which hits theaters on April 11, stars Kevin Costner as the Browns general manager.

The plot, as explained by co-writer and avid Browns fan, Rajiv Joseph during a March 2013 interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"It's a movie that takes place in one day," Joseph said. "It's about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. His professional and personal lives collide on the day of the NFL draft. He has these draft picks and he's trying to save his team, which is going down the drain. Not a big stretch for many Browns fans."

Also appearing in the movie: Frank Langella, Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary, Sam Elliott and Terry Crews.

Part of the filming took place at Radio City Music Hall last April during the 2013 NFL Draft. We were there and took this photo during a break in shooting.