Rob Antony chatted with Ryan Doumit as they walked to the team bus Wednesday night at Kansas City. By the time they climbed aboard Doumit’s fate had been determined.

“There wasn’t any doubt in my mind” that Doumit’s concussion symptoms were enough to warrant placing him on the seven-day disabled list for just such occasions said Antony Twins assistant general manager. “I said ‘we’re not going to mess around with this. We can have you see a doctor when we get to Chicago but you’re going to have to go on the DL. We’re not going to take any chances.”

Doumit objected — but understood.

“I was disappointed I have to go on the disabled list but at the same time I understand the seriousness of head injuries” the catcher and designated hitter said. “It’s a necessary evil the seven days. ... If I had my way I wouldn’t have wanted to go but I understand the process.”

Antony called Doumit during the team’s day off Thursday and confirmed his decision not to wait for another examination by a doctor. “We can’t play a guy short” Antony said especially with Friday’s doubleheader on the schedule.

To take Doumit’s place the Twins activated outfielder Josh Willingham who missed 33 games after having arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

Doumit left Wednesday’s game in the fourth inning after feeling “in a fog” behind the plate. He said he had been hit on the head several times lately most notably by a Jason Castro foul tip during Sunday’s game against Houston at Target Field. But it didn’t seem particularly serious at the time he said and he didn’t mention it to trainers until Wednesday’s incident.

“Right when it happened I didn’t go ‘Oh I’m concussed.’ It was just a matter of waking up one day and feeling a little off” he said. “And that could have been from a series of different things. It was hot that day maybe I had something bad to eat.”

It’s the second time in his career that Doumit has been sidelined because of a concussion suffered behind the plate; in 2010 “after repeated home-plate collisions and foul balls off the mask” he said the Pirates put him on the 15-day disabled list.