Rockets guard Toney Douglas escaped the bench for the first time since Wednesday's first half, but his role had clearly changed.

With Patrick Beverley replacing him as the backup point guard, even starting the second half, Douglas said he had not heard why he lost his place in the Rockets' rotation and has not asked. He said he probably will ask coach Kevin McHale about the change, but the guard will wait at least until after the road trip.

"They didn't tell me anything," Douglas said. "I don't know what's the reason. I will (ask). We've been traveling. I'll give it time to develop, see how it is. I just want to know the reasoning, that's all, and I'll feel better.

Going against the larger backcourts of the Mavericks and Pacers, McHale did not use point guards together as he often had earlier in the season.

However, Douglas played in a small backcourt for 11 minutes Saturday, scoring five points to go with three rebounds and two assists.

"I was looking for a little spark," McHale said of the change in his rotation. "I thought Patrick provided some good energy. Toney has been a good energy guy for us, too."